Eastern Storm is a Finnish clan playing Call of Duty 4: ModernWarfare

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    !! READ THIS FIRST !! (requirements and info)


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    !! READ THIS FIRST !! (requirements and info)

    Post  Itisjuu on Thu Apr 30, 2009 2:41 am

    Hi there COD4 player

    Requirements to join us:

    You are 16+ of age
    You are Finnish
    You (and someone else too Surprised) consider you as a skilled player
    You have a microphone and Team Speak 2 working
    You use Xfire
    You have original CD-key
    You can play as a part of a team
    You can behave on all servers and Team Speak too

    NOTE that all of these requirements does not have to be met.

    Post a freeformed application (voit kirjoittaa suomeksi) and we'll discuss it and see if you can play

    Happy Fragging Very Happy


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